Keto salmon soup

Keto salmon soup

Keto salmon soup

January 7, 2019
: 1
: 10 min
: 5 min
: 15 min
: Easy


  • 50g salmon (or some other fatty fish) filet
  • 50g broccoli heads
  • 35g fennel (or cauliflower etc low carb vegetable)
  • 15g leek (or onion)
  • 25g olive oil
  • 150g fish bouillon
  • 5g fresh herbs for garnishing (spring onion, dill etc)
  • Step 1 Clean and chop the vegetables. Briefly fry sliced leek in the small pot with olive oil, add fennel and then (hot) bouillon. Homemade bouillon is the best one but i also use naturally made bouillons (i love Food Stuudio ones) that i get from the supermarket.
  • Step 2 Let the soup start simmering, then add chopped broccoli heads and bite-size salmon fillet pieces. Boil only for 1-2 minutes. It is important that vegetables stay half crunchy and they do not lose their color.
  • Step 3 Garnish with fresh herbs.

NUTRITION (per portion 330g)

Energy 414 kcal
Total Fat 37g
Fat Percentage 80%
Net Carbohydrates 2g
Protein 18g

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