Low carb alternatives to bread crumbs

Low carb alternatives to bread crumbs

When making chicken nuggets or fish fingers, bread crumbs are one important ingredient. Also for meatballs and other similar food, when it helps to hold the mixture together.

When making your own keto bread, cookies and crackers, time to time happends, that something goes wrong- it won`t rise, won`t stay together or just leftovers dry out.

In that case i make bread crumbs out of the leftovers or messed up baking experiments. Here`s an example on the photo above of one failed seed cracker experiment, that turned out one of the best bread crumbs that i have tried. I believe that most keto bread and cracker recipes are also very good bread crumb substitutes as well, since they usually contain some flour (coconut or almond), maybe psyllium, seeds, and fat.

When i don`t happend to have any homemade bread crumb substitutes i use crushed sesame seeds mixed with my favorite alternative- Potex potato fiber. Maybe add some salt, sweet pepper powder or some other herbs depending on the food and volià 🙂

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