Keto power smoothie

Keto power smoothie

Keto power smoothie

February 19, 2019
: 2
: 5 min
: 5 min
: 10 min
: Easy


  • 30g berries (blueberries, black currant etc)
  • 10g (MCT) oil
  • 60g creamy coconut milk (i used Santa Maria Extra Creamy Coconut Milk)
  • 60g coconut jogurt (i used Abbot Kinney`s where is 2.8g net carbs per 100g. Try to find one that is also low in carbs)
  • 2 raw quail eggs (if from known sources)
  • 5g chia seeds
  • 5g raw cocoa powder
  • 5g low carb natural sweetener (i used erythtritol)
  • Vanilla powder to taste
  • 50g ice
  • Step 1 Add all ingredients to your blender and blend until smooth.
  • Step 2 Add a little extra ice if it’s too thick.
  • Step 3 Garnish with a slice of lime and fresh mint leaves.
  • Step 4 Serve immediately.

NUTRITION (per 100g)

Energy 157kcal
Total Fat 14g
Fat Percentage 83%
Net Carbohydrates 2,9g
Protein 3g

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